Pannonia Gold
for Aqua

  1. Better economic performance: significant increase in yield and decrease in feed conversation ratio
  2. High quality, consistent plant-based protein alternative to fishmeal
  3. No anti-nutritional impact
  4. Impressive results on: Sea bass; sea bream; Carp; Shrimp; Catfish; Pangasius

Carp fish

Proven results in carpfish

  • 2 different age carp fish in semi-intensive model pond system – 2y/o and 1 y/o
  • 40% Pannonia Gold inclusion – no antinutrient factors

Pannonia Gold inclusion resulted in

  • Significant decrease (12%) in feed conversion ratio
  • Significant increase (14%) in yield (t/ha)
  • Slight increase (3%) in fillet yield
  • Significantly better phosphorus utilization
  • Better economic performance
  • Increase in yield of carp fish following Pannonia Gold inclusion

Increase in yield

European Sea Bass

Proven results in European Sea Bass

  • Twelve week feeding trial in European Seabass with Pannonia Gold included at levels of 5 and 10%

Pannonia Gold inclusion resulted in:

  • 7-10% increase in specific growth rate
  • Positive effect on growth rate
  • No significant difference in feed intake

Increase in weight gain

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