Pannonia Gold
for Swine

  1. Excellent protein and energy source especially for breeding swine
  2. Suitable to feed growing pigs in all phases of production from 2-3 weeks post weaning
  3. Diet formulation should be based on digestible protein (83%)
  4. Pannonia Gold’s digestible energy content amounts to 15.6 MJ/kg

Excellent protein and energy source at a consistent nutritional profile

Produced with unique technology at the state-of-the-art Pannonia Bio biorefinery

Livestock Suggested inclusion rates% *
Post-weaning (7 kg <) 0%
Growing (20 kg <) 10%
Fattening (50 kg <) 25%
Gilts 15%
Gestation 20%
Lactation 25%
Boars 25%

Suggested use: Actual rate of use depends on the composition of the diet. Customer shall consult with feed nutrition specialist before applying. Formulate diets based on standardized Ileal amino acids digestibility.

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