Pannonia Gold
for Cattle

  1. Pannonia Gold’s high protein and energy content supports milk production and is an excellent resource for lactating dairy cows.
  2. Rumen Undegradable Protein (RUP) and methionine content is higher in Pannonia Gold than in soybean meal.
  3. It contains residual dried yeast which supports fermentation in the rumen, aiding in converting ingested feed sources to energy. More energy is extracted from the feed.
  4. DDGS feed inclusion can reduce enteric methane production, emissions of which are harmful to the environment.

Excellent protein and energy source at a consistent nutritional profile

Produced with unique technology at the state-of-the-art Pannonia Bio biorefinery

Cost efficiency – proven results
Proven results of a 2-month beef fattening trial with 10% inclusion:
Overall 8% increase in weight gain following Pannonia Gold inclusion

17% decrease in Feed Conversion Value
2 groups – cattle/group with 10% inclusion of Pannonia Gold in feed.

Cost efficiency
Marginal result
Daily weight gain
kg live weight gain/days
1,54 kg 1,36 kg
Feed price
/kg of feed
1,26 Euro 1,33 Euro
Feed Conversion Value in EUR
*EUR feed needed for 1kg live weight gain
0,82 Euro 0,98 Euro

Net worth DDGS GROUP
Daily save
with DDGS feed/1bull
0,17 Euro
Savings in 2 months
fattening with DDGS feed/1bull
10,19 Euro
Savings during fattening
in DDGS Trial group
24 bulls
244,6 Euro *costs based on exchange rates during 2017 trial period

Suggested inclusion levels of Pannonia Gold for Cattle

Livestock Suggested inclusion rates% *
Calf 30%
Heifer 30%
Dry cow 10%
Lactating cow 15-20%
Beef cattle 30%

Suggested use: Actual rate of use depends on the composition of the diet. Customer shall consult with feed nutrition specialist before applying. Formulate diets based on standardized Ileal amino acids digestibility.

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