Pannonia Gold
for Poultry

  1. The xanthophyll content in Pannonia Gold is favourable for the yellow colour of egg yolks.
  2. Phosphorus is highly digestible which can decrease emissions harmful to the environment.
  3. Higher crude protein and crude fat content compared to corn.
  4. Industry leading palatability.

Excellent protein and energy source at a consistent nutritional profile

Produced with unique technology at the state-of-the-art Pannonia Bio biorefinery

Positive effect of Pannonia Gold inclusion in growth for Poultry

Stepwise increase in Pannonia Gold content of diets (5 – 15%)
Similar development of animals during the fattening period across diet groups
Contribution of margin of the trial group was higher with Pannonia Gold inclusion
Feed consumption tended to be slightly less in the trial group vs the counter group, with no significant difference in body weight.
1-month broiler feeding trial, n=78 birds

Livestock Suggested inclusion rates% *
Broiler (grower-finisher phase) 10%
Laying hen 10%
Turkey (grower-finisher phase) 15%

Suggested use: Actual rate of use depends on the composition of the diet. Customer shall consult with feed nutrition specialist before applying.

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