Quality Consistency

Consistency is a corner stone of Pannonia Gold and Pannonia DCO. We do extensive testing and monitoring throughout our production chain, ensuring we attain the highest level of quality and consistency.

Consistency leads to increased predictability and, in turn, reduces the risk of nutritional deficiencies, allowing for reduced safety margins. There are definite cost benefits to be gained by reducing safety margins.

DDGS production process

Bioproducts, produced by Pannonia Bio are made from locally-sourced feed grade corn strictly adhering to European sustainability criteria.
Every batch of corn is tested prior to entering the company.
milling / separation
The waterproof layer of corn kernels is broken down allowing access to starches.
Fibre particles are separated into a separated stream.
Simple sugar forms from the starch during the brewing process.
Hot water and enzymes are added to the mash.
The fermentation process lasts for approximately 60 hours at 30 degrees Celsius.
Fermentation is completed by reaching a 15% v/v alcohol content.
The thin stillage (alcohol removed) is sent through a separation process to extract Distillers Corn Oil before it is put through a syrup tank and mixed in with the other solids from the beer to produce Dried Distillers Grain (DDGs), a high-protein animal feed.
DDGS storage
Dehydrated DDGS is forwarded via pneumatic action to the storage facility.
DDGS loadout
DDGS is loaded to trucks, wagons or barges with the use of telescopic loaders and bulk scales, following transfers via the conveyor belt system